Review: Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

I prefer my bronzers to be on the cool tone, yellowy side rather than too red or too orange, so when I heard about this Physicians Formula bronzer early last year from youtube favorite’s video’s.  I really wanted to try it, so just as the Gosh natural gold bronzing poudre I was using came close to hitting pan, I took a chance on ordering from ebay.

20 days later I received my package, first thing I noticed was that you could actually smell an artificial-like, “Coconut” scent even through the closed compact.

Honestly at first I thought it was over hyped, though I liked the bold, tropical packaging, which is fun & summery and also the smooth buttery texture. The colour pay off I thought didn’t show up enough on me.

A month on I changed my mind, I now really enjoy this bronzer, I look forward to the coconut, nutty biscuit aroma when applying makeup in the mornings, also its true you can smell it for about an hour after applying it to your face. I don’t mind this as I am for anything with a coconut or vanilla fragrance…just not coconut water lol

I notice this bronzer gives me a nice, subtle goldenly bronzed sheen, when I want a bolder bronzer I put it over another bronzer, such as NYC in Sunny.

There are two shades, light bronzer and bronzer. I have bronzer, which is the deeper shade of the two.

Price: £17.95

Ebay Seller: Pormicarabonita





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